How we
build our houses

Guided by our principles, we carefully study suitable locations and choose only those that meet all our requirements at the same time.

Today, we have two such sites: these are objects of the “comfort plus” class, “Talisman at Vodny” and “Talisman at Dmitrovsky”. They are perfectly adapted to the modern urban environment.

We are sure that your accommodation will fully meet your expectations and together we will be proud of making our beloved city even more comfortable and convenient.

Building a house is a conservative process that does not endure any risky experiments. We have to be sure that the future home will last for more than one century, therefore we are using only time-tested technologies and materials. In construction administration, our management is the most advanced and modern. Things that ensure the exact observance of the construction time at all stages are: the lack of bureaucracy, maximum openness, legal clarity and transparency of the documentation.

At the stage of the zero cycle, you can already buy an apartment at the lowest price. The closer the house is put into operation, the less vacant apartments remain in it and the price of a meter rises accordingly.

When the house is built and delivered, you get the keys and enter your new apartment and live in it happily - this is our common goal!



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