How do we understand accessibility and comfort? Accessibility is when everything you need to live is nearby — transport, kindergarten, school, supermarket, restaurant, theater. Life comfort is an opportunity to take advantage of all this here and now.

It results in three principles of our approach to development:

  1. We build only in the inhabited areas of Moscow

    With ready-made infrastructure and transportation

  2. Improving your level of living and environment

    Are you struggling for a hair salon in a minute walk? It will be in your house. Do you want a higher class of accommodation for the same price? All our facilities are ahead of the comfort class standards.

  3. We say “No!” to a life at a construction site!

    Our houses are small; apartments are handed over in a fully finished house. The main thing is that there are no construction projects in the territory, you move into a new apartment and start a full life from the moment you move.



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